Obtaining License Usage Logs

Download Files:

Download link: LicenceLogCMD.zip
Some settings will need to be changed so that All Events can be obtained.
1. On the licence server hosting the LUM licences stop the licence service. Start > Type “services.msc” in the search box. 

Click services.msc when it shows up in the list 

2. Locate IBM Network Licence Server and click Stop 

3. Open up the following file
Change the following from “no” to “yes”
Set NumberOfLogFile=10 and MaxLogFileSize=1000 as per the image below. 

File > Save 

4. Go to Start > All Programs > Licence Use Runtime > Configuration Tool 


Click on the Log tab and make sure all tick boxes are selected. 

Close the Configuration Tool

5. Start the IBM Network License Server service up 

If you have separate servers then you will need to run DSLSLog.cmd and LUMLog.cmd separately on the correct servers.
Copy the LicenceLogCMD.zip file onto the licence server(s) and unzip before running the command files. 

DSLS Licence Server 
1. Right-Click on DSLSLog.cmd > Open 

2. After running the command file DSLS.logz will be created on your desktop.


LUM Licence Server 
1. Right-Click on LUMLog.cmd > Open 

2. Enter the date range which has been requested by Intrinsys and press Enter/Return 

3. After running the command file MyLogFileForDS.txt will be created on your desktop. 


Final Step 
Please send the following files to support by email:
1. I4LS.ini – Located in C:ProgramDataIBMLUM

2. DSLS.Logz – Located on your Desktop

3. MyLogFileForDS.txt – Located on your Desktop

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