Collaborative Designer with 3DExperience®

Collaborative Designer enables a CATIA V5 and a Solidworks user to connect their data in the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform whilst continuing to design in their native environments.

Connect CATIA V5 and Solidworks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Perform data and product lifecycle management from within your native environment to seamlessly manage all stages of product development.

Reveal your native design data to other design contributors, manage projects, assign tasks and collaborate more effectively. Discover and use additional applications for advanced design, simulation and manufacturing, that directly leverage your data without the need for translation.


CATIA Engineering Excellence

With CATIA Engineering Excellence, you can benefit from an extended set of applications for the creation management of sophisticated mechanical projects, including part design, metal, tooling, assembly design, functional tolerances and annotations, and fitting simulation, DMU review, advanced surface design, and more.

The offer brings together a large set of CATIA V5 applications, empowered by the 3DExperience® platform, allowing strong collaboration capabilities alongside strong CAD management capabilities. Engineering Excellence contains three packages to get you ready for 3DExperience® CATIA.


CATIA Mold & Die

You are now able to Optimize your Mold and Die Product Creation and Manufacturing using CATIA Molded Product Design for Manufacturing and CATIA Mold Tool Creation.

With CATIA Mold Tool Creation Designers are able to reuse already capitalized tooling know-how, enabling rapid tooling creation fully compliant with company rules and standards. Seamless tooling design fosters concurrent engineering between the design office, tooling and manufacturing departments. CATIA Molded Product Design for Manufacturing accelerates detail design of cast molded forged parts with substantial productivity gains.

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