Manufacturing Planner

Offers load analysis by integrating resource and product constraints to identify manufacturing bottlenecks early in the cycle.
 Manufacturing Planner Key Benefits:
  • Meet customer due dates
  • Improve customer service
  • Anticipate load fluctuations
  • Synchronize production with other factories
  • Reduce inventory and cycle time
  • Re-synchronize flow lines
  • Contingency planning to minimize production disruptions
  • Reduce planning time
  • Easily integrates with ERP

Production Scheduler

Integrates product, machines, operators, and tools related constraints to optimize production sequences, enabling increased productivity, reduced changeover time, raw material inventory and work-in-process. 
Production Scheduler Key Benefits:
  • Decrease cycle time and WIP
  • Enhance lead-time reliability
  • Anticipate and control load fluctuations
  • Simple user interface
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Create schedules faster
  • Easily integrate into ERP system

Synchronised Resource Planner

Synchronizes material flow across multiple BOM levels to optimize inventory and manufacturing capacity, allowing manufacturers achieve just-in-time demands. 
Synchronized Resource Planner Key Benefits:
  • Reduce inventory
  • Calculate finite capacity requirements
  • Optimize flow lines, reduce waste
  • Analyze impact across manufacturing
  • Dynamic customer-to-supplier traceability
  • Improve customer service and lead-time reliability
  • Execute JIT, demand-driven production

Industry Key Messages

Consumer Packaged Goods      

You move in a market that has reached maturity, which forces you to seek new markets (emerging countries) and customers (BtoB, dining out industry) to reduce your dependence on supermarket distribution and its exposure to price wars. You must deal with increasing pressure in terms of quality of service (including new traceability requirements), large-scale product diversification, changing estimates, frequent modifications to the laws in force, low margins and inventories of finished goods managed by the manufacturer. 
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Increasing competition, changing markets, small or large production runs, custom production, rush orders, etc. In this challenging environment, you must constantly control and reduce your lead times and costs: goals that require optimum use of resources and perfect synchronization of production flows. 
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Transport & Mobility

You are facing new and different challenges: increasing your productivity and investing in emerging zones with a fast changing environment. 
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