Consumer Packaged Goods

Industry Background

You move in a market that has reached maturity, which forces you to seek new markets (emerging countries) and customers (BtoB, dining out industry) to reduce your dependence on supermarket distribution and its exposure to price wars. You must deal with increasing pressure in terms of quality of service (including new traceability requirements), large-scale product diversification, changing estimates, frequent modifications to the laws in force, low margins and inventories of finished goods managed by the manufacturer.

DELMIA Ortems offers a full suite of production planning and scheduling solutions. It is the result of a collaborative effort between DELMIA Ortems and major leaders in this market with the goal of meeting the challenges and specific requirements of stakeholders in the consumer goods market, namely:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Durable goods and household appliances
  • Paper


Industry Challenges

  • Show proven agility to innovate and create new products
  • Manage production using the just-in-time method
  • Manage a wide variety of packaging = Increase in product referencing
  • Demand volatility & Just in Time delivery
  • Maintain the correct level of inventories with precision
  • Control your costs to the penny
  • Be innovative, reliable and competitive
  • Production campaigns and available resources optimization to cope with run reductions
  • Cope with repeat crisis and raw materials volatility
  • Stock reduction. Best-before date, waste reduction
  • Inform your clients about a reliable and flexible production tool
  • Cycle time and WIP reduction by synchronizing production workshop & your packaging lines

Optimize and Synchronize your Production Flows

  • Improve production/packaging synchronization and manage economic order quantities to reduce WIP and costs
  • Optimization and synchronization based on production constraints, for more responsiveness and flexibility at lower costs
  • Manage changeovers to optimize production capacity without investing in additional equipment
  • Manage production runs and batches, for complete traceability and full compliance with quality requirements
  • Manage changes in personnel on the packaging lines
  • Manage a limited number of tools and connectivity between pieces of equipment
  • Manage vat constraints


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