DraftSight® is a professional-grade, open 2D CAD product for users who want a better way to create, edit and view DWG files. Whether you’re a professional CAD user, student or educator, DraftSight® has a support option that’s right for you.

DraftSight® Enterprise Features

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User Environment & Features

Including cartesian coordinate system, command line input, traditional toolbars and menus, wheel-mouse pan & zoom, and more...
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Productivity Enhancers

Including consolidated options dialog, enhanced command prompts, home palette, smart calculator, quick print, and more...
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Including Notes & SimpleNotes, Tables Blocks and BlockAttributes, Ellipses & elliptical arcs, RichLines, PolyLines, 3D PolyLines, and more...
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Drawing Setup Tools

Including customizable coordinate system, RichLine styles, layer manager, table styles, points format, text styles, and more...


Including read and write support for DWG/DXF files, save DWG/DXF files back to previous versions, create binary or ASCII DXF files, and more...

Setup and Administration

Including fast “one-click” installation, support for Windows®, Mac & Linux operating systems, multi-language character set support, and more...

Drafting Tools

Including Snap & Grid, Chamfer & Fillet, Tracking guides & Polar guides, distance or coordinates information, double-click editing, and more...

Edit Tools

Including edit blocks in-place or isolate for edit, open reference drawings from within the base drawing, clip references and images, and more...

DraftSight® Download

For individuals who need a straight-forward 2D drafting solution. *Standalone license. Activation required.

DraftSight® Enterprise

Although there is tremendous value with the free, standalone version of DraftSight® (available to download), companies should consider DraftSight® Enterprise for the following reasons…

Why DraftSight® Enterprise?

Save money on your CAD investments

With DraftSight® Enterprise, you could save between 50% and 80% on your CAD requirements versus maintaining your current CAD product and service, or investing in another option.

Increase user productivity

DraftSight’s® trained worldwide technical support team can help users get up to speed quickly and have their questions answered swiftly.

Leverage your current processes

Companies that have automated, customized or integrated their current DWG-based CAD system through LISP or other macros will find significant value in the APIs offered via DraftSight® Enterprise. DraftSight® offers programming interfaces including C++, COM, LISP and Javascript.

Gain more control over your CAD investment

With everyone working with the same version, you’ll eliminate the challenges of managing multiple versions of 2D CAD across your organisation and avoid unnecessary costs related to data conversion and incompatibility issues.

Keep your CAD current

With upgrades to the most up-to-date versions of DraftSight® , including major releases and service packs. Plus you’ll have access to DraftSight® API updates.

Avoid CAD compliance issues

CAD managers will now be in control of CAD installations with DraftSight’s® network license for the Enterprise.


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