Industrial Design

Given the current economic climate around the world, many companies are struggling to mitigate the risks and consequences of such an unprecedented global crisis. This has pushed many countries into recessions and slowed businesses in all sectors.

To assist our clients in overcoming these challenges, Intratech have expanded our offerings to include engineering services for all industrial design. With access to, and expert design knowledge of all Catia V5 modules, we are able to adapt to the specific needs of all our clients across all industries. Read more

Digital Simulation

As markets become ever more competitive and manufacturing processes more complex, the ability to effectively plan production lines becomes paramount. Companies can no longer afford to run time consuming trial parts or afford the down time while verifying new plant layouts. The introduction of digital twins revolutionised the design of production lines by enabling the proposed design and layout to be digitally detailed and verified without the former need for shutdowns; and advancements are still being made with ever more detailed simulations in software such as DELMIA and 3DExperience. Read more

Automated Engineering

Modern industries are constantly pushing to improve their designs, products, and manufacturing processes in order to gain an edge in highly competitive markets. Production firms are constantly seeking new innovations to increase their flexibility, efficiency, and productivity; while consumer products are quickly advancing to increase their ease of use and capabilities. Yet these goals must be achieved while being forced to decrease costs, errors, and waste in order to remain competitive. Read more

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