Automated Engineering

Modern industries are constantly pushing to improve their designs, products, and manufacturing processes in order to gain an edge in highly competitive markets. Production firms are constantly seeking new innovations to increase their flexibility, efficiency, and productivity; while consumer products are quickly advancing to increase their ease of use and capabilities. Yet these goals must be achieved while being forced to decrease costs, errors, and waste in order to remain competitive.


Thus, we have seen a rise in automated systems across all industries, most notably in manufacturing. Modern technology enables companies to automate their production lines and exploit the speed, precision, and reliability of machines to increase their productivity, and decrease material errors. The advantages are clear but design of such production lines has its challenges. Intratech have successfully assisted our clients with the implementation of CNC, conveyors, robotics arms, and injection moulding machines to enhance production line efficiency. This project incorporated tasks such as machinery selection, creation of a digital twin of the proposed line, simulation of the production process, and robotic programming. This automation can be furthered, by including verification programs, such as Vericut, to ensure that parts are cut correctly, efficiently, and quickly without the need for old trial parts.

The advantages of automation are most significant in manufacturing, but not restricted to it. Where efficiency can be increased in production; ease of use, capabilities, and utility can all be enhanced by using latest technologies in final products as well.

Intratech’s engineers have a wide range of experience from coding Catia macros to automate creation of reference lines and drawing blocks; to the management, design, and detailing of automated products using hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic systems in unison. Theses complex designs were successfully taken from preliminary phases with client requirements to planning phases, with the creation of operation reports and system schematics, and finally to completion with the detailed designs and quality control of the product.

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