2D And 3D CAD Design

Intratech are proud to host a team of expert CATIA engineers with advanced skills in 3D CAD modelling. 3D CAD is the backbone of the engineering design process – It enables the creation of design concepts and forms the basis of information to support manufacture. It also facilitates communication and the exchange of ideas across a multi-disciplined team and is the key element of product development. CAD data is used to enable a range of support activities including CNC Manufacture, Photorealistic Rendering, Digital Mock-up, Assembly Simulation and Ergonomic Assessment. All of which, Intratech can offer as a service. Read more

Reverse Engineering

The availability of a detailed CAD model of a physical object allows for creation and extensive use of advanced digital mock-ups, digital manufacturing, conceptual design, retrofitting of components, CAM capabilities and engineering drawings. However, a detailed CAD model of an existing physical object is not always readily available, until now. Intratech’s team of expert engineers are skilled in the technique of reverse engineering whereby existing physical objects can be converted into CAD models. Read more


Surface modelling is the backbone of complex CAD design and is imperative for the creation of advanced surface-based models. From reverse engineering, to advanced, contoured CAD modelling the use of expert surface modelling techniques offer a streamlined approach to generative design by linking surface-based features to the solid model generated. Read more


From aerospace and automotive, to marine and industrial applications, the use of composite materials and complex composites design have become increasingly prevalent. The prevalence of composites design is attributed to the unique mechanical properties of inherent in composite materials. Read more

Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal Fabrication is the process of forming parts from a metal sheet by punching, cutting, stamping, and bending. Sheet metal parts are known for their durability, which makes them great for end use applications

Sheetmetal design forms part of the services offered at Intratech. We have engineers who are equipped with both the resources and the knowledge to meet the clients’ requirements. Read more

Data Conversion

It is common in industry that a variety of disparate CAD tools are often used by different parties to a given project or in each supply chain. This often causes difficulties where data created in one toolset cannot be interpreted or utilized in another, leading to time lost on tedious rework. Intratech provide data conversion services to convert data between different proprietary CAD standards as well as Industry open standards such as STEP, IGES and others. Read more



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