Surface modelling is the backbone of complex CAD design and is imperative for the creation of advanced surface-based models. From reverse engineering, to advanced, contoured CAD modelling the use of expert surface modelling techniques offer a streamlined approach to generative design by linking surface-based features to the solid model generated.

The team of expert engineers at Intratech are proud to be certified Expert Mechanical Surface Designers allowing our engineers to leverage advanced surface-based modelling techniques to produce detailed contoured CAD models based on complex requirements.

Advanced surfacing begins at the stage of constructing hybrid wireframe geometry and reference surfaces, thereby capturing the specifications for the structure.


The specifications for the model are defined as linked parameters which can be adjusted and updated throughout the model.

Once the specifications are defined and linked, the model is updated and through advanced surfacing techniques, the project can be rendered to complete the generative design of the surface model. Our advanced surfacing techniques extend beyond complex model creation and are used extensively within reverse engineering and casting design.

Kindly contact us at Intratech to enquire more about our Surface Design services. Our engineers will contact you shortly after to arrange for a design meeting.

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