Digital Simulation

As markets become ever more competitive and manufacturing processes more complex, the ability to effectively plan production lines becomes paramount. Companies can no longer afford to run time consuming trial parts or afford the down time while verifying new plant layouts. The introduction of digital twins revolutionised the design of production lines by enabling the proposed design and layout to be digitally detailed and verified without the former need for shutdowns; and advancements are still being made with ever more detailed simulations in software such as DELMIA and 3DExperience.

With access to both these powerful systems, Intratech can provide simulation services for the creation of digital twins, process, and layout design, as well as machine cutting simulation and verification. Additional tools such as Vericut can ensure not only correct cutting on the first pass but also efficient tool pathing, resulting in faster cutting and up to 20%-time savings per part that accumulate over entire production runs to increase workshop productivity.


These valuable resources and skills have afforded Intratech the opportunity to complete simulation projects for clients encompassing all tasks from process requirements and machine selection, creation, and layout of the digital twin to process optimisation and simulation, as seen above. We have also incorporated modern Virtual Reality technology to enhance our offering and are able to provide clients with a virtual tour of the proposed layouts thereby giving a better understanding and greater insight into the final product.


Given the recent economic downturn the need for greater efficiency has never been clearer and optimising workflows and production lines affords a quick and effective way to improve workshop productivity and increase manufacturing capacity.

Kindly contact us at Intratech to enquire more about our Simulation services. Our engineers will contact you shortly after to arrange for a design meeting.

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