Transport And Mobility

Industry Background

You are facing two different challenges: increasing your productivity and investing in emerging zones with a fast changing environment. The issues are:

  • Shortening the life cycle of segments and products
  • Hyper-segmentation strategy: production runs are increasingly shorter and the novelty effect is shortening
  • Line renewal difficulties
  • Strong pressure from manufacturers who pass their cost constraints on to original equipment manufacturers


Challenges for the T&M industry

  • Simulate new products on production lines
  • Anticipate and control large scale load fluctuations
  • Coordinate production flows with critical supplies
  • Synchronize multiple interdependent shops that have different jobs and processes
  • Manage large quantities of data, bills of material and complex/alternative lines
  • Manage multi-skilled laborers
  • Improve relationships with suppliers


Optimize and Synchronize your Production Flows

  • Analyze, anticipate and simulate in the medium-term
  • Analyze the load/capacity balance for internal and external resources
  • Stabilize shops due to decisions made in advance and not on an emergency basis
  • Coordinate and synchronize production flows and critical supplies
  • Have permanent visibility of the various shops
  • Resource management (labor and machines) and better use of their versatility, for increased productivity
  • Optimization of sequencing operations by workstation
  • Synchronization and acceleration of production flows, for decreased cycle times
  • Overall visibility thanks to links between WOs (semi-finished and finished products)
  • Increased responsiveness to unforeseen production events and business disturbances
  • Make schedules more reliable
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