Industry Background
Increasing competition, changing markets, small or large production runs, custom production, rush orders, etc. In this challenging environment, you must constantly control and reduce your lead times and costs: goals that require optimum use of resources and perfect synchronization of production flows.


Industry Challenges

  • Decide between projects and product lines
  • Plan and Schedule your loads at different shops
  • Synchronize multiple interdependent shops that have different jobs and processes
  • Coordinate your production flows with your critical supplies
  • Manage large quantities of data, bills of material, complex routings and production alternatives
  • Manage multi-skilled workforce
  • Optimize changeovers
  • Reduce inventories and WIP
  • Make lead times more reliable and schedules more accurate with less variability



  • Links between WO/ synchronization between different steps
  • Raw material availability
  • Reduce cycle times (up to 50%)
  • Improved customer service up to 50%
  • Increased productivity (up to 20%)
  • Save up to 50% production planning preparation time
  • Fast ROI


Additional Benefits

  • Increase the reliability of your constraint based Planning & Scheduling function
  • Save planning time to the benefit of operational excellence tasks
  • Manage your work load by better optimizing your resource availabilities
  • Improve your delivery delays and your service rate to remain competitive
  • Be more reactive and flexible to improve the coordination of your production productivity
  • Be more reactive when facing production changes
  • Get the right tools to follow up your production: factory service rate (planned versus completed quantities), advances, etc.


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