NC Machining

The manufacturing industry relies heavily on computer-numerical control (CNC) machining. Manufacturers of many types across many industries choose the advantages of CNC machining over conventional machining for their fabrication and manufacturing applications. It provides efficient and precise production capacity which is ideal for creating large quantities of items. The programming for the CNC machining is quite crucia

With the use of CATIA V5 and 3DExperience, we at Intratech can create NC programs for 3-axis, 5-axis, Lathe and Mill-Turn machining, where we define the resources (type of machine with its limits and fixtures), Tool change position and the cutting operations (such as Roughing, profile contouring, pocketing, groove turning, drilling, tapping, T-slotting, etc.). We make use of a 3D CAD model to create the programs, saved in a variety of formats (CATIA, SW, NX, Creo, STEP, IGES, 3DXML etc) simulate these cutting processes before generating a NC code that will then be sent to the CNC machine.

Given the manufacturing background of our engineers, we have the expertise to determine the types of tool to use for the job, the cutting speed and feed rate, putting into consideration the type of material used and surface finish our client is looking for on the workpiece. We adopt the client’s methodology, work on their environment, and make use of their tool library and machine parameters to ensure that we meet their needs.

Kindly contact us at Intratech to enquire more about our NC Machining services. Our engineers will contact you shortly after to arrange for a design meeting.

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